E-learning Management System



Many universities, schools, corporations have demand for training with extension of places, time, attendants. An e-Learning program that address the most complex multi-functions, while also reducing risk and automating continuous employee development would be a perfect solution for education institutes to approach clients as well as operate a flexible educational environment. In addition, a general management system should go along with improving productivity and learning effectiveness with a completely integrated e-Learning System that combines instructor, self-paced, virtual classroom, learning materials and online forums into a single seamless e-Learning experience. Another obstacle is the storage of data from various sources. All these elements led to the invention of LMS system.


Key features

Due to the development based on Moodle, this application have all basic features of an online learning management system which supports:

  • Online training and studying with all specific curriculums, materials designed for each course
  • Create courses regarding aims, properties, characteristics defined.
  • Set permissions on each course for different user levels
  • Multi-languages
  • Every client shall have a customized template for viewing. They reserve rights to manage courses, set access allowance for educators, students, guests. Every course requires a particular method of setting, assigning roles to users
  • Back-up and restore data

LMS offers some other functions in the advancement of interaction and development of online learning solutions for organizations with an educational mandate, and of course individual learners.

  • Communication: Our system has Skype integrated for communication among trainers, students to connect them 24/7
  • Request course: For the privacy of separate clients about courses, they send request to automatically create or cancel courses. The course is created right after request is sent and the requester becomes the admin of the course.
  • Application has versions for desktop, tablet or mobile.
  • Recent activities of users, unread messages/notifications within 14 days are displayed when users log in.
  • License: Every students pay for their account on the system to use it during a period of time.

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