Event Management System



EMS specializes in quality one-on-one communication and marketing that is your asset at a time when more and more people want to be addressed as an individual. They develop original advertising media – online and offline – that bring you in direct contact with your target audience.EMS is used as a CMS to create the event website for companies who want to hold events for their customer as simple and quickly as possible. Instead of building a private site to promote any events, commercial organizations now with help from EMS create photo event websites as simple and quickly as possible. The customer then can capture and upload the pictures they like to the event. People around the world can view, share, like or vote for the picture they like.

The personal communicating message is greatly appreciated and is extremely effective. EMS provides the photo marketing services including in their event organizing packages. They takes pictures for the participants to upload into website event and allow them access to download, sharing… like a commercial message and promotional tools.


Key features

EMS includes two parts: Admin site and Client site.

  • Admin site where you can create, delete or customize the event websites you want.
  • Admin who will use Admin site to create, delete or customize the event site.
  • Client site where the event will be shown to the people.
  • Client who will access to Client site and participate in the event.
  • Facebook API: integrate events with Facebook so people can share and like via Facebook. We also developed Facebook tab so that events can be viewed on inside Facebook.
  • Google Analysis: integrate with Google Analysis to make the statistics.
  • Aviary Library: Aviary is an image library helps us to create functions to allow users to customize a photo as they like.
  • Manage Clients: duplicate existing clients, company name, address, zip code, city, country, CRUD clients, search and filter
  • Manage Events: duplicate events, activate / deactivate events, list events, search and filter events, CRUD events.
  • Manage Photo: upload multiple photos at the same time to the system.
  • Manage Mobile: Users can use Mobile to access to Client site with simpler layout.
  • Manage Viewer Profile: A viewer profile will be created when creating event and contains the style of event.
  • Manage Statistic: make reports or statistics on theirs event, EMS contains some kinds of statistics such as Google Analysis, Facebook inside.
  • Manage advertise: randomly add client’s advertisement to the event such as some client’s logo will be displayed on gallery page.


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