1) Offer Cross-channel, Integrated Solutions
2) Know SoLoMo – Social & Location & Mobile 
3) Have Combined IT/Analytical & Creative Skills
4) Exemplify Innovation – Be Early Adopter
5) Make Content Mrkt. a Core Competency
6) Have a Software Solution
7) Be Multi-Device Friendly


Integrate Services

No more siloed, standalone services that later need to be incorporated and configured to “talk” to other marketing channels and services. Businesses today are looking for cross-channel, integrated solutions.

If you only offer one type of service (PPC, SEO, display), you’re missing out on potential revenue that will be taken by your competitors. Make sure you can offer all/any search marketing services and even venture into other digital marketing services, like social media advertising.

The study found that almost 72 percent of agency clients prefer a full service-approach and that 71 percent of marketers believe integration between earned, paid and owned media is important. However, the report also states that 79 percent of marketers still run their social campaigns in silos and that 2 out of 3 marketers say that integration of email marketing with other channels is either manual or non-existent.

If you’re looking for services to start adding and integrating, start with social (see #3: SOLoMo is a must). The study also found that the most popular service bundles include social media services (89 percent), followed by website services (86 percent) and design & creative services (85 percent). Content (84 percent) and SEO (83 percent) are close behind.

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