Mobility Solutions


  • The number of mobile phones in use in the world is the same as that of people, and it is expected to grow a further 40% in the next five years.
  • The cost of smart phone worldwide is decreasing while the scope of mobile application is definitely increasing.

Among those trends, mobility is the new interaction model to engage our customers, employees and partners. Business demands IT service providers that understand mobile technology, and deliver a full suite of mobile applications services to help you envision, plan, design, build, integrate and test mobile applications for your enterprise. With that vision, SUCCESS offers the prominent and full services to help enterprises adapt to a mobile environment effectively, including:

  • Implements an application platform built on open standards that can be leveraged for consumer and enterprise mobile applications
  • Offers enhanced flexibility and adaptability to enable more effective mobile environment management
  • Allows key IT personnel to focus on core business objectives
  • Our applications can base on modern platforms including iOS, Android, Windows and any potential, new, breakthrough platforms in the near future.
  • We can help you build mobile applications that enable you to convert mobile customer interactions into profitable opportunities